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This page is dedicated to a variety of nifty things.  Check 'em out.  ^_~


Ah... the first thing that comes to mind when I think back to my trip to Italy in July '97.  It's simply the most
wonderful thing to ever hit my tongue.  I miss it so.  Until I can go back, all I have are these pictures, a recipe
(still trying to get it right), and the memories of frozen heaven.  Come share them with me.  :)

[Video Games]

A hobby; perhaps a passion. I've been playing video games all of my life, and I adore them.  I think my favorite
types of games would have to be role-playing and your basic 2-D or 3-D action/adventure.  I love the classic series, you know,
Zelda, Sonic, Mario Bros. (though I actually prefer Luigi), Final Fantasy... as well as a few obscure games that no one's
ever heard of (Kiwi Kraze, anyone?).  They're all like little friends to me, and I hold them dearly in my heart.  <3 

[The Name Game]

Hehe...  I like games where you get to name the characters.  Fun fun fun...  Especially when you have
a whole bunch of characters to name them after...

[Adopted Chocobo]

This is my adopted Chocobo, Nico. :)

(Yep, he was named after the guy at the top of the
page eating gelato.  ^_~)

Click HERE to get your own Chocobo!

[Final Fantasy Wallpaper]

One night I had the urge to make Final Fantasy wall paper.  I have no idea why.  I grabbed all of the
screenshots myself and then stuck 'em together with PaintShop Pro.  It's mostly FF7, since I had mostly FF7
pictures, but there are also scenes from FF5, FF6, and FF8.  I'm posting it here, because I think it came out kinda
nice.  If ya want to check it out, here's a little picture showing how it looks on my desktop.  I prefer it centered, but
it also looks good tiled.  It's available in .jpg and .bmp format.

Get the BMP
Get the JPG

[Live - The Distance to Here]

Um... Live is like, my favoritist band ever.  So, when I got the new CD, I felt the need to type up all the song lyrics
and post them to this site for your convenience or something.  And, yes, I have MP3s, so I suppose you could beg or bribe me
for them...


Okay... I think the only reason my family comes to this site is to see pictures of our cat.  ^_^;;
So, I'm finally giving in and putting the pictures up on a page where everyone can find them.  Here they are.
Browse and enjoy.

Ruka hears a noise
Someone smells her treats...
Majestic Haruka
Walking around
Standing on my bed
Walking on my sister's bed
Walking some more...
Ruka stretching
It's Haruka!
Ruka sitting down
Haruka surprised
Sitting and thinking
The *cutest* picture ever (Haruka sleeping with her bunny)


Yep, I have a chat room.  I have no idea why I have a chat room, but I do.  I dunno... I might need to chat in
it someday or something.  Anyone's free to use it if they want.  It's just kinda there.  :)


The drawings and characters at the top of the page are copyright 1999 Karen McKenna.  Characters featured are Nico Mezzanotte and Scarlette Cole.
 The Chocobos, screenshots of Final Fantasy VI, and any mention of related games or characters are copyright Square, Inc.  All other video games
are copyright their respective companies.  Send any questions or comments to