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Welcome to today's session of Psychological Error, where--
Hey, Pokey, this isn't a game.  This is a web site.
So, wait... We can't play mind games with them?
Oh, of course we can.  This is Psychological Error, after all.
But it's not a game?
Not yet.
So, what is it now?
It's just a web site... We'll be answering letters until we get everything at the HQ set up.

Answering letters?  Whatever do you mean, Flash?
Well, Pokeydoodle, people will send us letters, and we'll answer them.

Letters about what?
Why, anything at all.

And we'll just answer them?
Of course.

All righty, then.  Where shall people send these letters?
To us...  Pokey, give them your e-mail address.

Uh... Flash, why don't you give them yours?

I don't have mine yet.

What about--

That's for *private* mail.

Ah...  Hey... is that microphone on?

Damn.  Uh... heh... Hello.

Yes, well, just send your letters about anything at all to me, Pokey, or my good friend, Flash, at:
We hope to hear from you soon. 


Psychological Error is copyright 1995(?)-1999 Flash Turtalwax and Pokey Bastion.  Use it without our permission, and we'll
eat your head.  Karen is telling us to give her credit for the artwork on this page.  She can have it, but we get credit, too, being her
creators and all.  Yes, we own Karen, and Kristin, too.  Someday we'll be the masters of everyone and everything in the universe.  Just be patient.