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The Dream--An Introduction
The Nightmare--Casual Damnation

Because drawing is my life.

Eh... Why not?

What good are characters if they don't do anything?

Kinda like the stories, but with more pictures.

(my pages about stuff I like)

The X-Files
Because everyone needs an obsession.

The Zodiac
Do the stars hold the key to the universe?  

Il Gelato
The most wonderful frozen dessert the world has ever known.

La Sognatrice
Who?  Me?

Talk to me, people.

Talk to each other, too.

Places to go, people to see...

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Meet my Chocobo "Nico!".
(not to be confused with the character he was named after ^_^)

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back door

All original work is © K. E. McKenna and is not to be used without permission.  Heh heh.  I always wanted to have some of this professional sounding junk at the bottom of my page.  It makes me seem all nifty and stuff.