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Dreamer's Realm:  The X-Files     [Dana Scully and Fox Mulder]
[Alex Krycek]

Character ProfilesCharacter Profiles

             Dana Scully
             Fox Mulder

GuideA Beginner's Guide to The X-Files

             Character descriptions, recommended
             episodes, definitions of terms, etc.  

QuotesRandom Quotes and Dialogue

             Season 1
             Season 2
             Season 3
             Season 4
             Season 5
             Season 6

Episode ChartsEpisode Charts

             Episodes listed by season.

PhileficPhile Fic

             Stories about X-Philes being...focused.

             X-cited Philes go to the Movies  (June 1998)  --  The name says it all.  Where were you
             June 19th?

             Calculus and X-Files Demons  (March 1999)  --  The story of an X-Phile's inner struggle as
             she is torn between conflicting desires.  Either that, or it's an excuse for why I failed my
             Calculus test.  ;)

Character ProfilesFan Art

             Artwork based on and inspired by The X-Files.


             Quiz #1:  "Old Smoky"


             Lots of nifty X-Files sites and more.

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"...we must have a foundation based on knowledge rather than belief, as our 'belief' is apt to change our search for Truth."--Zolar 

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